Saturday, February 5, 2011

Here is the secret: Find someone who is compassionate and believes in commitment.

Calpurnia and Portia are two of the six little bundles of joy we rescued when their previous owner was hospitalized.

They are degus, very social animals with light-hearted, bubbly, and entertaining personalities, originally from Chile.

Calpurnia is an adult female and Portia is a young adult female.  The others in this group are two boys and two girls.

They can be adopted separately, but we strongly urge you to consider adopting a pair of brothers or pair of sisters for lifelong companionship.  Degus can love you just as much when they have one of their own kind to bond with and make life just that much sweeter.

Degu knowledge and/or experience is needed for their adoption.  Please note they can live to 12 years of age and prefer multi-level cages/habitats where they can jump, crawl, and explore.

Please visit them in Nevada SPCA's Lovebug Room.