Thursday, October 21, 2010

Please do not hand me away again.

Update: Rhapsody in Blue was adopted on November 1st!

We know you will fall in love with this very sweet young girl, named Rhapsody in Blue due to her lyrical personality and light blue eyes.

She is most likely a Polish and Dwarf mix rabbit.  She is spayed and about approximately 18 months young.

Rhapsody in Blue enjoys people.  She has a strong personality, so she is not afraid to express herself and she gets impatient when we are even just a few minutes late with her daily greens and veggies and fresh Timothy hay.

She was adopted around Easter from another shelter, than handed from person to person, what we refer to as the dangerous game of 'musical chairs' for animals, with no one making a lifelong commitment to her.

Rhapsody in Blue needs a committed, nurturing person who will give her a forever home and make her an adored member of the family.

She is one of 90 rescued, spayed/neutered bunnies for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.  Please visit our new Lovebugs Room and ask for her by name.