Monday, October 4, 2010

My name is not Dinner. My name is Gregoire.

Update: Gregoire & Cherise were adopted on October 13th!

We regularly rescue roosters and hens who become homeless or who run out of time at other shelters.

But this is only the second time in memory we have rescued Polish chickens, who are known for their exotic good looks.  Gregoire (pictured here), a rooster, and his mate, a hen named Cherise, are friendly and inquisitive, and enjoy hanging around Harley, a pot belly pig, on the pig patio.

We rescued Gregoire and Cherise from another shelter and we have no background information on them.  But we know they are very strongly bonded, so keeping them together forever is needed.

Speaking of forever, as with all rescued animals, we seek lifetime sanctuary for them in a loving home where they will be respected and appreciated.

Before visiting, please be sure you are zoned to allow chickens and roosters on your property.  They need proper shelter and protection from birds of prey and coyotes.