Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is there not someone special out there for me?

Update: Stars was adopted on February 8th!

Stars has some of the Benji look, yet he is smaller and 100-times cuter (in our opinion).

This sporty little boy also has a championship personality, as he is loyal and sweet and humble.

But we rescued Stars back in June from another shelter and very few visitors have asked to meet him.  Frankly, this baffles us, so we asked the wonderful people at Pet'ographique to showcase Stars in a professional portrait (all services generously donated) to help us re-launch attention for him.

Stars is a Jack Russell Terrier mix, neutered, approximately 4 years of age.  He is mostly white, but has striking black and tan facial coloring.

We have had Stars at special events, including the 4th Annual Family, Fur & Fun Festival, and he excels with other friendly dogs.

This boy would love to steal your heart.  Please give him a good second look.