Monday, October 25, 2010

I need to feel loved.

Update: Ivan was adopted on October 28th!

One of our staff came upon three young people in a parking lot peering under a car.

He approached them, knelt down, and saw this little angel cowering and shaking behind one of the wheels.  The young people told him that he was their dog and that he just jumped out of the car when they parked and scrambled to the hiding place.

But they were gawking, not making any attempt to retrieve him, and he was in danger of being struck by another vehicle if he dashed out.  So our staff person slid underneath and collected the shivering puppy, who dug his front paws in to his hands to hold on tight.

He was smeared with asphalt and tire streaks, making his coat look grey (instead of its natural white and beige).  When the puppy was handed to the young lady who said she was the owner, she held him away from her body, turned her head and raised her nose in disgust at his filthy condition.

Our staff person then said, "You don't want him anymore, do you?"  She nodded her head affirmatively, and our staff person took him back from her and brought him into the safety of Nevada SPCA.

We named this darling boy IvanHe is blessed with a gentle spirit and a sensitive nature.  We believe he is a Terrier mix, perhaps with some Toy, approximately 3 months of age.  We had him cleaned up, vaccinated, neutered, and micro-chipped, and now he debuts for adoption today.

Ivan needs a committed, compassionate person who will show him every day that he is cherished and adored.

Ivan enjoys other sweet dogs and he needs regular brushing and grooming care.

Finally, as always, we urge you to carefully puppy-proof your home and yard for his safety and protection.