Thursday, October 14, 2010

I deserve better.

Update: Bea was adopted on November 20th!

With toe nails so long she could not walk properly, this old girl shuffled into our lobby the best she could.  The man accompanying her then just dropped her leash and walked away from her forever, without a word or even a pat.

Bea's spirit though is resilient.  She is bouncing back, feeling better now that she is eating well and her nails are trimmed.  A bit of a spring is back in her feet and her eyes are beginning to sparkle.

Bea is a dignified girl with a mellow, humble nature.  We believe she is mostly German Shepherd, with perhaps some Retriever.  She is spayed, approximately 9 years of age, and debuting for adoption today.

It is not too late to show this wonderful girl how kind and nurturing humans can be.  After what may have been years of neglect from being unloved, let's show her that she is right to continue believing in people.