Friday, October 29, 2010

I am warming up to people beautifully.

Update: The Artful Dodger was adopted on December 31st!

This attractive little guy was trying to eke out a survival on a golf course, and apparently he had been successful in doing so for a short time before his rescue.

As you know, most of the domesticated bunnies abandoned in parks and golf courses quickly fall prey to coyotes, starvation, birds of prey, and other dangers.

Our staff named him The Artful Dodger in tribute to his survival skills.  He is a Dutch mix rabbit with a light blue-grey coat and dark blue-grey eyes, about one year of age.  We had him neutered and he is ready for adoption into a loving home.

The Artful Dodger seems to make progress with us every day.  He is learning that humans can be kind and his enthusiasm is increasing for his daily greens and veggies, particularly kale and parsley.

He is one of more than 90 rescued, spayed/neutered bunnies for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.  Please visit our new Lovebugs Room and ask for him by name.