Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I am another victim of the home foreclosure crisis.

Update: Chito was adopted on October 14th!

When Chito's previous family lost their home, they moved to an apartment.  But the pet deposit was deemed unaffordable and so Chito needed us to help him find a new person, couple, or family to make a lifetime commitment to him.

He is a mild-mannered, handsome little snugglebug.

Chito is a handsome Dachshund with stunning merle coloring and a blue sunburst in his left eye.  He is neutered, approximately 6 years of age, and debuting for adoption today.

Besides being compatible with friendly dogs, he is reportedly crate-trained and good with older, mature kids.

Dachshund knowledge and/or experience is preferred for his adoption.