Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Few seem to notice that I am a superstar.

Update: Desert Rose was adopted on October 23rd!

Bigger dogs, like Desert Rose, eagerly await daily visitors, often with wagging tails and smiles.

But the truth is that most people walk right past them and head for the areas where smaller dogs and Toy breeds are kenneled.

Desert Rose has been with us for months, and while staff and volunteers adore her and take her frequently into the courtyard for exercise, we can only remember one visitor even asking to meet her.

So we need to shine a spotlight on Desert Rose and encourage everyone to give her, and the many other big dogs here, a good second look.  This stunning portrait, courtesy of Pet'ographique, is a wonderful way to launch Desert Rose's campaign for new attention.

Desert Rose is a gorgeous blond blend of Collie and Husky breeds.  She is spayed, housetrained, loving, and about 6 years of age.  Since she sometimes play-bites when in play, she needs an experienced home with no toddlers or young children.

Desert Rose has infinite devotion and unconditional love she is ready to share with you in exchange for a lifelong commitment.  Please come meet her today.