Friday, August 6, 2010

I was rejected because I was just being myself, an enthusiastic puppy.

Update: Tiny was adopted on August 9th!

As you know, it is natural for Tiny and other puppies to be super playful and eager to explore their homes and yards.

But babies are routinely surrendered to us from owners who are overwhelmed with the extra work required to socialize them and help them develop into well-balanced, well-behaved adults.

Tiny is a dazzling puppy! He is often silly, always engaging, and happy to spend special time with you.

He is a Toy Poodle mix, neutered male, approximately 8 months of age.

Besides being compatible with dogs, he is reportedly good with cats, and housetrained too.

Please plan on regular professional grooming care for Tiny and budget extra accordingly.

Tiny debuts for adoption today.