Monday, April 5, 2010

I am a catnip enthusiast!

Harley is a very lovable, dashingly handsome boy ready for adoption today.

He is a Snowshoe mix with patches of dark and milk chocolate that make his blue eyes shine. He is neutered and approximately 5 years of age.

Harley needed us when his previous owner died. He was originally taken to a government shelter, but then friends of the deceased rescued him from there and brought him to us.

He reportedly has no bad habits and enjoys your gentle company. He springs to life for organic catnip.

Harley is one of 200 rescued, spayed/neutered cats for adoption in Nevada SPCA's free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms. All await adoption into loving, indoor-only, forever homes.

They call me an adorable little wiggleworm.

Super sweet inside, full of spirit and adventure, Cadbury has an abundance of energy and charm to share with you.

He is a blond Terrier mix with dark gold eyes, neutered male, about 4-5 months of age.

We expect him to remain small or grow to medium size at most.

Cadbury needed us after he was abandoned in a park.

We believe he will do best with an active lifestyle and basic dog training.

Cadbury debuts for adoption today.

I need you forever, long after Easter passes.

Update: Toulouse-Lautrec was adopted on June 3rd!

is a curious boy with good manners and a gentle nature.

His calico coloring is wondrous and attractive, as if painted by a great master.

Toulouse-Lautrec is most likely a Dutch & Harlequin mix. He is neutered, 2 years young, and debuting for adoption today.

We rescued him from another shelter, so we do not have much background information on him.

He loves to explore new rooms (carefully, with the use of baby gates to keep him away from electrical cords) and enthusiastically anticipates his daily salad of veggies and toys.

Toulouse-Lautrec is one of 70 rescued, spayed/neutered rabbits for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. Please visit and ask for him by name.

I am terrified that I will be abandoned, yet again.

Imagine a world where nothing seems stable.

Where you give your unconditional love to someone and then you are rejected.

Hilda's severe separation anxiety was born from being cast away from those she loved. Now, she fears that each time you walk out the door that you are leaving her forever.

Hilda is a gorgeous, intelligent, young German Shepherd, spayed, about 18 months of age.

She is generally well-behaved, being good with dogs and kind children, plus housetrained too (with a doggie door).

But when you leave the home Hilda reportedly works tirelessly to escape and may become destructive once she does so.

There are no instant fixes for separation anxiety. But progress can be made with time, great patience, and a steady lifestyle routine. Comings-and-goings should be matter-of-fact, void of drama.

Please be willing to consult a veterinarian, trainer, and/or behaviorist as needed, if needed, to help her. The last thing she needs is to ever be rejected again.

German Shepherd knowledge and/or experience is strongly preferred for her adoption.

Please come meet Hilda today. She has so much loyalty and devotion to bless you with for the rest of her life.

Your positive direction will help me become a well-behaved adult.

Update: Melvin was adopted on May 6th!

One look into Melvin's bright eyes and you can see he is bursting with jubilation, excitement, anticipation, and innocence.

But this puppy needs some manners. Dog training will help you channel his energy into good behavior.

Melvin is a butterscotch & white Bully mix with golden eyes. He is a neutered male, approximately 10 months young.

Please carefully puppy-proof your home and yard for his safety and protection.

Melvin lost his home due to attacking a bird and his anxiety around children. He needs an experienced, adult owner, 100% committed to dog training, who can give him the direction he needs to become a well-balanced boy.

Melvin is ready for adoption today.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Comfort me.

Update: Clea was adopted on August 28th!

This petite angel has a gentle soul and enjoys snuggling quietly with you.

Clea is a young Torbie (with white) medium hair, spayed female, 2 years of age.

Clea likes other calm-natured cats and she enjoys being brushed and groomed.

She needed us because she was surrendered by her previous owner for "not fitting into our lifestyle".

Please come meet this tender-hearted girl and provide her with a loving, committed, strictly indoor-only home.

Clea is one of 200 rescued, spayed/neutered cats for adoption in the free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms at Nevada SPCA.

German Shepherd puppies like me usually need dog training in order to reach our full potentials.

Update: Snickers was adopted on April 3rd!

is a gorgeous puppy, intelligent and eager to please.

She is shy at the moment, most likely due to confusion about losing her previous home.

Snickers is a German Shepherd, spayed female, about 7 months of age, and she debuts for adoption today.

Please carefully puppy-proof your home and yard for her safety and protection.

Snickers is fine with some dogs and she is reportedly compatible with cats and older, mature children.

German Shepherd knowledge and/or experience is strongly preferred for her adoption.

Please only consider Snickers if you have the patience to offer the good guidance to help her with basic dog obedience training and housetraining.

Please help us realize that the world can be a kind place.

Update: Mopsy was adopted on April 5th!

Cotton Tail
(pictured here) and her sisters Mopsy and Flopsy (whose pictures are available on our primary web site) are Boston Terrier mix puppies debuting for adoption today.

These baby girls are reportedly mixed with Corgi, according to their previous owner, but we cannot confirm this. They are spayed, about 4 months of age, and will remain small or grow to medium size at most.

Cotton Tail and her sisters are shy and very sweet, timid with new people but warm-hearted and loving with those they trust.

We believe the girls will do best in a gentle, experienced home with a steady lifestyle routine. Please provide good guidance and offer them patience with their socialization.

Cotton Tail and her sisters needed us because their previous owner said she could not keep them in an apartment.

The girls can be adopted separately, but please consider adopting a pair, or the trio, for lifelong love and companionship.

Friday, April 2, 2010

I cannot help it that I have special needs. Please consider me.

Update: Boy Chuck was adopted on June 7th!

Boy Chuck
is a chatty, friendly, endearing boy.

He is a handsome Beagle, neutered male, almost 9 years of age.

Boy Chuck enjoys other dogs and may do best in a home with another dog.

We rescued him from another shelter, so we do not have much background information on him.

He reportedly has epilepsy and is on lifelong medication (Phenobarbital, which is inexpensive) to prevent and reduce seizures.

We have not witnessed any seizures since his rescue, but we have no reason to believe the reports of his condition are erroneous.

Please be his hero. Boy Chuck has a world of unconditional love to share with you.

My love is precious.

Update: Dante was adopted on April 3rd!

is a lyrical, magical baby boy.

He is a Chihuahua mix puppy, neutered, 3-4 months young, and debuting for adoption today.

Full of zip, this playful pup loves to engage you and play with other gentle dogs.

Dante has special needs due to a sternal deformity (on the rib cage), but he may still be able to lead a mostly normal life. Please have your veterinarian regularly monitor it as he grows into adulthood, and at this time it does not appear to be causing him any problems.

Dante needed us because his previous owners moved away without him.

Please visit and ask for this sweetheart puppy by name.

Our devotion can inspire you.

Update: Baby Tea & Roxy were adopted on September 11th!

Sisters and soul-mates, Baby Tea & Roxy are inseparable, well-behaved girls who need a home where they can remain together forever.

These gorgeous girls are gentle with kind children and compatible with both cats and dogs. They are also housetrained.

Baby Tea & Roxy have Shepherd faces and Rottweiler bodies. They are both spayed and about 7 years of age.

They are loving souls. Please visit and let them enchant you.

Baby Tea & Roxy needed us when their previous owners separated and lost the family home.

I am so puzzled why I lost my home.

Update: Sammy was adopted on April 2nd!

Super cute and lovable, Sammy's gentle charms are irresistible.

He is a Shih-Tzu mix puppy, neutered male, about 10 months of age.

Please budget extra for regular professional grooming care for him.

Sammy needed us because his previous owners said they did not have enough time for him.

He enjoys other sweet dogs. While crate-trained, he reportedly has occasional accidents, so your patience and guidance are needed to help him complete housetraining.

Sammy debuts for adoption today.

Thank you for helping me and my babies at our time of greatest need.

Butters lost her home and family at the worst time, after giving birth to 6 puppies.

Her babies remain in a foster home and all 6 are thriving. Butters is now spayed and debuting for adoption today.

She is a medium-size girl with sad, expressive eyes, most likely a Shepherd and Husky mix (though smaller than both of those breeds). She is approximately 7 years of age.

Butters adores women and teenagers, but is reportedly timid with some men. And while she has been housetrained in the past, she spent the past year living outdoors only on a ranch-style property, so please be patient with her on completing housetraining again.

This smart girl is fine with some dogs (though she takes the alpha role) and she is apparently a good escape artist, so a very secure home and yard are necessary for her safety.

Full of devotion, we believe Butters will bloom beautifully in a committed, loving home. Please visit and ask for her by name.

Keep me forever because my love lasts my whole lifetime.

Bones is a goofy, rambunctious, intelligent puppy debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Just 4 months of age or so, he is already reportedly mostly housetrained and crate-trained.

He is a good-looking Retriever and Bully mix, neutered male, expected to grow to large size.

Bones needed us after his previous owners were evicted from the family home.

Bones is very playful and enjoys other dogs to keep him engaged.

I am bursting with joy and enthusiasm!

Update: Marvin was adopted on April 3rd!

Excitable and jolly, Marvin is a puppy full of affection who lives to romp and play.

He is a very attractive Yellow Labrador Retriever, neutered male, about 8 months young.

Marvin needed us when his previous owners moved into a living situation where large dogs are not allowed.

We strongly believe he needs professional dog training to reach his full potential. Training will help you channel his abundant energy into good behavior.

Please only consider Marvin is you are fully committed to providing dog training for him. He debuts for adoption today.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I give the sweetest kisses.

Bear is a precious little lovebug, affectionate and full of devotion.

He is most likely a Longhair Chihuahua & Papillon mix. He is neutered, about 6 years of age, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Besides having a loving nature, Bear is well-behaved, compatible with cats and dogs and kind children.

Bear is also reportedly housetrained (with a doggie door) & crate-trained.

He needed us because his previous owner had "no time for him".

Please meet and adopt this sweetheart today. He carries sunshine and good cheer with him everywhere he goes.

Why was I rejected when I did absolutely nothing wrong?

Update: Mimi was adopted on April 1st!

Spring and summer are especially difficult times for shelters and rescues with an abundance of homeless animals in need.

Besides newborn animals, there is a tragic influx of animals surrendered when people go on vacation. Instead of having them temporarily boarded professionally or with friends, they are given away forever, some with their lives in danger at high-kill shelters.

Mimi lost her family because they were "going on a trip".

But this is her golden opportunity to get a very committed, loving forever home where she will never experience rejection again.

Mimi is a darling Maltese mix with a bubbly personality. She is spayed and approximately 2 years young.

She enjoys other dogs and she is reportedly compatible with older, mature kids.

While Mimi is crate-trained, she is reportedly only partially housetrained, so your good guidance and patience and steady lifestyle routine are needed for her. Please also plan and budget for regular grooming care.

Mimi debuts for adoption today.