Wednesday, March 24, 2010

They played a dirty trick to get rid of us.

Update 2: Jackson was adopted to rejoin his brother Max in a loving home on March 29th!

Update: Max was adopted on March 27th!

(pictured here) and his brother Jackson are young sweethearts we nicknamed "The Bogle Brothers".

The boys are friendly, attractive, playful, and very good-natured.

Max & Jackson are reportedly a designer breed, called Bogles, which are mixes of Boston Terrier & Beagle. Both have brown brindle & white coloring, they are neutered, and just one year of age.

Max is more demure, while Jackson is more quizzical. Both enjoy other sweet dogs.

They can be adopted separately, but they are a wonderful pair. Please consider adopting them both for lifetime love and companionship.

Max & Jackson needed us after their owners left them with a dog-sitter and then never returned. Certainly, they deserve better than that.