Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am on the lookout for a caring, compassionate owner who will keep me safe and cherish me daily.

Theodore is an engaging, very sweet youngster who is ready today for adoption into a forever home.

He is an English Spot mix bunny, neutered male, just one year of age.

The staff says he is especially distinguished with his "apple cheeks and lustrous eyelashes".

Theodore was rescued from a neighborhood where he was trying to survive outdoors. He didn't stand a chance by himself, with dangers lurking at every turn (including vehicles, predators, dogs, bikes, poisons, and more). Like all bunnies, he needs and deserves an indoor home where he is a member of the family.

He is anxious about being handled, but if you are willing to get on floor level with him you will find he is quite affectionate and curious.

Theodore is one of almost 70 spayed/neutered rabbits for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.