Monday, August 31, 2015


Roscoe beams with pride and hope, making great strides learning to trust people. 

Rescued 6 weeks ago from the streets, terrified of quick movements, Roscoe wanted nothing to do with humans. 

But he is now eagerly greeting staff and choosing to stand close for companionship. 

Due to the severity of his abuse, Roscoe's journey to recovery will take much longer, but he has advanced enough that he can join a very experienced, adult-only home and continue improving. 

Roscoe is a good-looking Australian Cattle Dog, 5 years of age and neutered, good with other dogs, awaiting a hero at Nevada SPCA.  He enjoys playing ball and jumping in wading pools.

Friday, August 28, 2015


Gisselle, a young Terry-Poo (Terrier & Miniature Poodle mix), was found abandoned and injured near a Vegas freeway. 

Her hind leg was severely wounded and infected, but not from being hit by a car, but from neglect so extreme that the knots in her coat had grown inside her leg. 

Now, after two months of treatment and successful recovery, Gisselle is now spayed and ready to find out what a loving home feels like. 

She is understandably pensive and reserved, unsure if she can really rely on people, but yet she wants to trust and believe in kindness. 

Gisselle is 3 years of age and picky about other dogs. 

Please help find her someone who will patiently help her reach her full loving potential and never fail her.

Iridessa, Rani, and Rosetta



Iridessa, Rani, and Rosetta are maternal baby girls who like to groom and comfort cats and dogs. 

The sisters are now 3 months of age, spayed, and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.  Please be sure to carefully kitten-proof your home.

The girls and their mother, Norma, needed us when their previous owner died.  Since then they have been lovingly raised and socialized in a foster home. 

Like their mom, two (Iridessa and Rosetta) have extra toes (polydactyl). 

[Norma was spayed and adopted earlier this month.]


Holly is an adorable English Bulldog debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

She is 7 years of age, spayed, housetrained & crate-trained, good with older kids, and compatible with some dogs (though picky about which dogs she likes). 

Holly doesn't instantly warm to people, but steadily builds strong bonds with time and familiarity. 

At the time of rescue she was surrendered by her previous owner and in peril from pyometra (uterine infection).  Thanks to generous donors to our advanced care fund, we had emergency surgery provided to save her life (removing her uterus and ovaries), and she healed very well. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Blake is a robust junior puppy with a colorful personality and he is ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA. 

Blake is a Pekingese mix, 10 months of age, now neutered, and compatible with kids and dogs. 

He was surrendered by his previous owner who blamed Blake's neglected condition on the family's children. 

(Note: We believe that animal care-taking is an adult responsibility.  With oversight and guidance, kids can assist. It can be incredibly devastating for the kids, and perilous for the animals, when people remove animals from their families as a means to punish children.)

Bambi and Dear Mom


Dear Mom
Bambi and her mother, Dear Mom, debut for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

The girls are part of a large group rescued from another shelter that ceased operations.  Bambi is 5 months of age and Dear Mom is 1 year of age, and both are now spayed.

As much as we would love them to be adopted together, this is not required because their emotional needs at this time are so different.

Bambi is demure and wonderfully affectionate and craves cuddling.

Dear Mom tries to avoid human contact, but she is also gentle and did agree to sit on a lap today for her picture.  Dear Mom is a medium-size Australian Cattle Dog & Dutch Shepherd mix and she needs your patience to gradually improve socialization based on trust and respect.

Monday, August 24, 2015


Luther yearns for peace-of-mind and he has tremendous loving potential. 

He is a 95-pound Rottweiler, 4 years of age and neutered, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Luther was at another shelter that asked for our help due to his cruel past. 

He wants to believe in people and will sit close to you for companionship, but watches carefully to ensure no one attempts to hurt him again. 

Please help find Luther a very experienced, stable, adult-only home where he can continue to improve and see only the best of human nature.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mozart asks for a hero.

Mozart, realizing that people can be kind and nurturing, is overcoming a violent past and daring to hope for a peaceful future. 

He is an exceptionally attractive Dachshund, 5 years of age, a neutered boy, housetrained, good with other dogs, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Mozart is especially fearful of strangers and children.  We don't know what he has endured.  Mozart was at another shelter that asked for our help. 

A very experienced, adult-only home can help him continue reaching his full loving potential.

45 rescued kittens ready for adoption today!




A record 45 rescued kittens are ready for adoption today at Nevada SPCA, including Gema, Jaden, Jocelyn, and Pakalana.

Gema, Jaden, and Jocelyn were in dire need when their previous owners moved away without them.  The girls have since been raised and socialized in a wonderful foster home.  They are now 4 months of age and spayed.  They love snuggling and playing with toys, especially mouse-shaped toys.

Pakalana is a vibrant baby girl found motherless and in distress in bushes near an apartment complex.  She has also been lovingly raised and socialized in a dedicated foster home.  She likes chasing laser pointers and falling asleep in your arms.  Pakalana is compatible with cats and dogs.


Update 2: Benny has been adopted!

Update 1: New information came to light since his original post indicating that Benny is 20 years of age, not 15.

Benny, 20, is happiest in your arms, burying his face in your neck and purring contentedly.

He also loves other cats.

Benny's previous owner died.

He has some minor neurological damage (from an old trauma that we have no details about) and cannot jump, but he walks and eats and cuddles regularly.

Benny is ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

Special thanks to Pet'ographique for his endearing portraits to help find him a hero.

Friday, August 21, 2015


Margie hopes you will accept her unconditional love for life. 

This tiny young girl has survived so much, but seems to know that a peaceful home soon awaits her. 

Margie is a 4-pound Chihuahua with mousy good looks, 2 years young and spayed, great with other dogs, and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

At the time of rescue Margie was in another shelter and in dire need from being struck by a vehicle.  We had hip repair surgery provided for Margie and she made a beautiful recovery. 

Special thanks to Pet'ographique for these incredible new portraits to help Margie's dreams come true.

Aaron, Alessandra, Chip

Alessandra, baby girl

Aaron, baby boy

Chip, baby boy
Aaron, Alessandra, and Chip are 5-month-old rescued kittens ready for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

They are shy, but warm wonderfully to people who are kind and reassuring to them.

They enjoy other cats and they are now spayed/neutered.

Please carefully kitten-proof your home for their safety.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Love us forever.



Carla, Connie, and Marianne are adorable baby girls ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA. 

The sisters have been lovingly raised and socialized in a foster home since their rescue. 

They are now 3 months of age and spayed.  Please kitten-proof your home for their safety.

According to their foster mom, Carla is the most playful and likes chasing laser lights, Connie is exceptionally affectionate, and Marianne is the most devoted and follows you around the house to keep you company.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Iris's plea for peace is heartbreaking knowing part of what she has endured.  Please help find her a calm and stable home for life where she will always feel loved and safe.

Iris is a petite Chihuahua, 1 year of age, good with other dogs, now spayed and debuting for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

We are sharing the following details to help tell Iris's story, not to shock or upset you.  A man found Iris and her lethargic newborn in a street earlier this summer.  Iris was not producing milk and, despite exhaustive efforts, her baby could not be revived.

Ferrets with beautiful souls ready for adoption.


Sally & Pippi

Bella & Linda
Five exceptionally friendly ferrets, all girls, debut for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Mercedes is polite and tidy, 3 years of age and spayed.  She enjoys ferrets and cats.  We rescued her from a local shelter that asked for our help.

Sally & Pippi are bonded for life.  They are young at heart at 6 years of age, spayed, and compatible with ferrets and cats.  The pair were found in an abandoned rental home.

Bella & Linda are also bonded for life.  Bella likes playing in her water dish and Linda delights in exploring new rooms.  They are compatible with ferrets, cats, and dogs.  We rescued them from a California shelter (because ferrets are prohibited in California).

Please help us find them wonderful, responsible, lifelong homes.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Franz is an intelligent, golden-hearted, and exceptionally handsome German Shepherd who needs a hero. 

There is tremendous kindness in him, but he has challenges due to his previous owners failing to socialize him properly. 

Franz is 6 years of age, neutered, and compatible with some dogs.  German Shepherd knowledge required for his adoption. 

We rescued Franz from another shelter. 

His challenges include fear of people in uniforms (including veterinarians) and he can scale/jump 8-foot fences. 

Please help us find Franz a home where he can continue improving and reaching his full loving potential.

Friday, August 14, 2015


We cannot say enough about Scooby's magnetic charm! 

He is a 120-pound lovebug, an exceptionally friendly Bloodhound mix, 6 years of age and neutered, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Scooby was at another shelter that asked for our help due to his entropion (inward-slanting eyelids).  His veterinarian determined that because of his naturally drooping eyelids, there is little contact between his eyes and eyelashes and he's showing no signs of discomfort. 

Scooby is stronger than he realizes and pulls the person walking him if not reminded to be at a pace together. 

Bloodhound knowledge is strongly preferred for his adoption and we don't yet know whether he is compatible with other dogs.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Zelda is responding very well to kindness and realizing that we intend her no harm. 

She is bonding beautifully with staff and volunteers, and she's now ready to debut for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Zelda is a Rottweiler, 4 years of age and spayed, approximately 95 pounds.  Rottweiler knowledge is needed for her adoption.

She was at another shelter that asked for our help because she became alarmed when people touched her mouth to check her teeth. 

We are now able to pet and touch Zelda without fear, nevertheless, an experienced and adult-only home is required so she can continue safely reaching her full loving potential.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Juno, an exceptionally affectionate youngster, heroically saved 7 motherless newborn kittens.  Today, she is spayed and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA (, and we want to find her a home where she will be showered with cuddling and love.

At the time of her rescue, Juno was pregnant.  She had only one kitten, who was stillborn.  When she returned from a veterinary hospital (for x-rays, to ensure no other kittens were inside her), Juno heard the cries of newborn motherless kittens being surrendered to us and began chirping and calling out for them.  Juno took exceptional care of the babies and lovingly raised them in a wonderful foster home. 

Juno is very social and best suited for a home where she will get a great deal of companionship with people and cats.  She is a sandy brown tabby, 3 years of age. Please help find her a terrific forever home.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Will you be my hero, please?



Seamus, Tina, and Belle are lovable sweethearts with advanced challenges and they are seeking heroes at Nevada SPCA.  Please help find them wonderful homes. 

Seamus is a handsome flame point Siamese, 4 years of age and neutered, and compatible with cats, dogs, and kids.  He has neurological damage (resulting from a severe reaction to anesthesia) and walks in a sluggish manner, but otherwise functions very well. 

Tina and Belle are angelic Chihuahuas with very gentle souls and both are in their twilight (due to heart disease and liver disease, respectively).  Neither is suffering and the girls each need love, comfort, and compassion for their final days/weeks/months.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

15 rescued kittens ready for adoption today!


Aurora and Summer are 2 of the 15 rescued kittens ready for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Aurora was found in a bush with injuries consistent with an attack by another animal.  We rushed her to a veterinary hospital for emergency care, and thanks to tender care and healing in a foster home, she has made a full recovery.  Aurora likes playing with other cats, following her foster mom around the house, chasing the laser light, and falling asleep on your shoulder.  Aurora is 3 months of age and spayed.

Summer is also 3 months of age and spayed.  She is incredibly affectionate and craves belly tickles.  Like Aurora, Summer enjoys playing with kittens and adult cats.