Monday, September 29, 2014

Please never leave me. Please don't give up on me.

Buttercup craves kindness and gives doggie kisses to everyone who is nice to him. 

He is a very attractive blend of Spaniel & Retriever (about 40 pounds), 4 years of age and neutered, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Buttercup is good with other dogs too. 

He was at another shelter that asked for our help.  He reportedly had lost at least 5 homes and become so fearful of abandonment that he developed separation anxiety. 

While there's no instant fix for separation anxiety, there are reasonable steps that can be taken in a stable home to help Buttercup gain self-assurance for the times when he is alone.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa not only nurtured her own 5 babies (after being rescued from a backyard), but also served as the surrogate mother who saved the lives of three motherless newborn kittens, and a motherless rabbit too. 
Her babies have been spayed/neutered and adopted (the most recent being "The Krispie Kittens", her adopted kittens, who found lifelong homes last week), so now it's Mother Teresa's turn to find a loving, forever home. 
Mother Teresa is an exceptionally affectionate, thoughtful, and beautiful sandy brown tabby with white mitts, 2 years young, now spayed and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.
Thank you to her foster parents for helping Mother Teresa and all of her babies.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Apple, Doodle, and Sam

Doodle, inquisitive baby boy.

Apple, affectionate baby girl.

Sam, playful baby boy.

Felicia and one of her five newborns, photographed this past summer shortly after their rescue.
Three of Felicia's babies are debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

You may recall helping us this summer find foster homes for Felicia, a rescued Foxhound mix and her five newborns. 

Apple and two of her brothers, Doodle and Sam, are now about 3 months of age, spayed/neutered, and ready for loving forever homes. 

Their father is unknown and we believe they will grow to at least medium size. 

Felicia and her two other babies will soon be ready for adoption too.

Friday, September 26, 2014

I just want to know that someone really loves me.

For Coco, who had reportedly been bored and lonely for 10 years in a loveless home, volunteers and Pet'ographique added pearls for her new portraits to emphasize that she is a jewel, an undiscovered treasure, who loves unconditionally. 

Coco is a warm-hearted Bully mix, spayed, and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA. 

She so craves attention that her eyes sparkle when you say her name or direct a kind comment her way. 

Please help us find Coco a home where she will be cherished.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Hudson is a soulful, kind boy yearning for consideration. 

He is humble and friendly, and occasionally sporty, a good-looking Chihuahua, about 8 years of age, neutered, and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

Hudson was found on the streets and his previous owner refused to reclaim him. 

Special thanks to Pet'ographique for these cute portraits to help score Hudson a loving, forever home.


Cersei is a sunny, well-behaved young girl debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

She is a beautiful Border Collie & Shepherd mix, 2 years of age and spayed, housetrained and crate-trained. 

Cersei loves kids and she gets along well with some dogs. 

At the time of her rescue in the spring, she was emaciated and we placed her in a loving foster home for recovery. 

Tests show she has a pancreatic enzyme deficiency.  Cersei takes medication twice-daily with her meals (and the medication is inexpensive). 

An active lifestyle is ideal for this robust and radiant youngster.

What does it feel like to be loved?

Kona is a gentle Shih-Tzu and he's adjusting to being blind.

He debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA and we ask for your help in finding him a hero.

Kona's past is mostly unknown.  He was surrendered to a veterinary hospital in extremely poor condition from unconscionable neglect.

Besides matting and other problems, both of his eyes ruptured and could not be saved.

Kona is about 6 years of age and neutered.  Other dogs help him feel at ease and move around, so we strongly prefer adopting him to a home where he will have a sister or brother canine for support and guidance.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thank you for believing in me.

We are overjoyed that Trevor has come so far and can debut for adoption today at Nevada SPCA! 

In May, he was found in shock, as well as in very matted condition, the victim of an unknown and severe trauma.  Trevor could not use his back legs and we feared his back was broken. 

X-rays showed though that he had no broken bones.  He continued receiving medical care and slowly began to use his back legs. 

Now, all these months later, he is physically doing beautifully, but emotionally still recovering from abuse, and he can be fussy when fearful. 

Trevor is a Lhasa-Poo, 1 year young, good with other dogs, and now neutered.  Please help find a hero for Trevor and may he never know violence again.

As a parent and surrogate mommy, I nurtured ten innocent souls.

Mama Cass was not just the center of the universe for her three babies, but also for seven motherless newborns who desperately needed her too. 

This petite girl had plenty of nurturing care and compassion for all ten babies, and with the assistance of a foster parent, raised them lovingly in a comfortable home environment. 

Today, Mama Cass is spayed and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.  She is 1 year young and enjoys playing with crinkled up paper balls. 

Her foster mom said Mama Cass likes to take her kibble out, piece-by-piece, and bat it around like a soccer ball before eating it. 

Mama Cass was rescued from a suspected backyard breeder. 

Her ten babies will soon be available for adoption too once they are spayed/neutered.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Krispies Kittens debuting for adoption today!



"The Krispies Kittens" -- Snap, Crackle & Pop -- are ready to join loving, forever, indoor-only homes. 

The baby girls have been raised and socialized in a compassionate foster home since their rescue. 

They are now 5 months of age and spayed and debuting for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

Snap enjoys playing with straws. 

Crackle follows you from room-to-room. 

And Pop carefully observes all of your behaviors to understand you better. 

Monday, September 22, 2014


Yoda was found abandoned last month near a Vegas freeway with severe facial swelling from dog bites. 

Now, five weeks later, he is unrecognizable because of major improvements, thriving on premium food, and neutered and micro-chipped. 

Once Yoda trusts you, he blooms and joyfully wants to be in your presence. 

He is a small Bully mix, 2 years young, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Yoda needs an experienced home where he will be the only animal, seeing just the best of human nature, and letting violent memories and fears fade away.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

My belief in the goodness of people survived too.

Dodge dearly loves people and he is eager to become a treasured member of a forever home. 

You may remember him from earlier this year, rescued after being viciously and repeatedly stabbed in the neck and left to die on a street. 

Dodge's wounds healed well and we adopted him to a nice family.  But the children in the home made him anxious and he was returned. 

Dodge is a super sweet Bully mix, 2 years young and neutered, and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA. 

Special thanks to Pet'ographique for capturing his robust spirit in these new portraits. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Luna and her sons are ready for loving, indoor-only forever homes.

David, baby boy

Devon, baby boy

Luna, mother
Baby brothers David and Devon, and their mother, Luna, are now spayed/neutered and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA. 

Luna, a graceful 3-year-old, was pregnant at the time of rescue.  She gave birth to three kittens and raised them in a loving foster home.  One of her babies was adopted by the foster parents. 

David and Devon are 3 months of age.  Please kitten-proof your home for their safety.

David likes to play under blankets and play "ambush" when you walk by. 

Devon enjoys jumping at hand-held cat toys and watching "Animal Planet" with you. 

Luna gets along beautifully with other cats of all ages and she delights in exploring new rooms and toys.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cherish me and all of my love is yours.

Daisy is at peace in your arms. 

She is a mellow girl, so grateful to be off of the streets, and she offers many years of tenderness and devotion. 

Daisy is 5 years of age and spayed and good with other cats. 

She was found abandoned outdoors, declawed (front paws) and unable to protect herself, with no sign of responsible ownership. 

Special thanks to Pet'ographique for these beautiful portraits to help Daisy find a responsible, indoor-only forever home.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Donatello finally has a twinkle in his eyes and hope for his future. 

He is a remarkably attractive boy, most likely a Havanese and Wheaten Terrier mix, about 5 years of age, neutered, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Donatello was terrified and shaking at another shelter that asked for our help.  He was in poor, neglected condition, and showed signs of being abused. 

We have been working with Donatello for a few months and he has made great progress. 

A gentle, experienced, adult-only home is ideal for his continuing emotional healing and improvement.

I want you to love me.

Stanley is a most lovable baby boy and he is debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

He is a Bully mix, likely with Mastiff too (and growing to large size), 4 months of age and neutered.

Stanley was found on the streets with a broken hind leg when just a few weeks old.

We placed him in a wonderful foster home for recovery and he has been socialized with cats, dogs, and kids.

Stanley's leg has healed fine and he is regaining muscle strength every day.

Please visit and ask for Stanley by name.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Will you please share some of your kindness with me?

Calvin & Hobbes

Lady Isabella

Foster heroes are urgently needed today! 

This most challenging year ever for motherless young kittens continues with another 8 babies in desperate need of surrogate mothering rescued in the past 24 hours.  Foster homes are also needed for numerous special needs and senior cats.  Please visit Nevada SPCA in person before 4pm if you can help and ask for Katelyn.

Pictured here:

A) Calvin & Hobbes, baby brothers just 5 weeks of age, found motherless in a yard and in distress. 

B) Lady Isabelle, a blind & declawed adult rescued this morning from a discarded plastic box (without food or water). 

C) Adele, a gentle 16-year-old tabby whose previous owner took her to a veterinary hospital for euthanasia because she missed the litter box (and the hospital refused to kill her).

Thank you in advance for helping spread the word for these newborns, seniors, and special needs felines who need heroes!

Monday, September 15, 2014

I believe it's safe to be hopeful again.

Lola is a young Boxer mix with a beautiful spirit. 

Six weeks ago she was at another shelter, distraught, and afraid of people. 

Lola is now shining and confident, eager to begin her new life. 

She is 3 years of age, spayed, and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA. 

These wonderful portraits of Lola are courtesy of the caring people at Pet'ographique.

Look into my ocean-blue eyes...



Three blue-eyed boys -- Stewart, Oscar, and Sammy -- are separately debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

All three happen to be compatible with friendly dogs, as well as other cats. 

Stewart is a Balinese, 4 years of age and neutered, sporting the cutest meow and he plays with balls with bells inside. 

Oscar is a lilac-point Siamese, 6 years and neutered, who likes to sleep on the bed at your side. 

Sammy is a seal-point Siamese, 6 years and neutered, who will follow you around the house to remain in your loving presence.

Don't release me. I can't survive without human kindness.

Anastasia stayed on a woman's porch for hours, friendly but terrified, until she picked her up and brought her to us for safety. 

Anastasia is a snow-white Rock Dove, a species of bird tragically released at some weddings and ceremonial events.

But these doves are domesticated and cannot survive without human kindness, so the vast majority are killed by predators or starvation. 

Anastasia has a home -- she is being adopted by a veterinarian today -- but we think it's important to tell her story to hopefully save other innocent lives from this cruelty.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bells & Whistles

Bells & Whistles are girls with a bond so powerful it can bring tears to your eyes watching them interact. 

They were so close to tragedy, but they are now safe and together, and joyfully debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Both are 9 years of age and spayed.  Bells is a Labrador mix and Whistles is a Boxer mix. 

They were reportedly confiscated by officers from a home during a cruelty case and taken to a government-funded shelter.  We rescued the girls so they could remain together. 

Please help us find a hero for Bells & Whistles.

Friday, September 12, 2014

I have learned that most people are kind and wish me well.

We're celebrating Troy's wonderful emotional healing with these brand new portraits courtesy of Pet'ographique.

Troy is an outgoing youngster who likes to play ball, and he is compatible with dogs and older kids, plus housetrained too. 

He is a unique blend of breeds, perhaps including Beagle & Chihuahua, 2 years young, neutered, and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA. 

At the time of rescue he was very wary of men, but Troy has learned that most people are kind and happy to see him.

I long for peace-of-mind.

Joey is a sensitive young boy pleading for someone kind he can count on for life. 

He is an exceptionally attractive Tibetan Terrier mix, perhaps with Toy, under 2 years of age, neutered, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Joey likes other friendly dogs and a gentle home is ideal for him. 

He was at another shelter that asked for our help due to his severely injured tail (unknown cause of injury), which had to be amputated. 

Joey has healed well and he is ready to begin his new life.