Saturday, March 30, 2013

I closed my eyes and curled up in a ball, and waited for a miracle.

We are so heartened to see Adalyn upbeat and hopeful for her future. 

At the time of rescue one of our staff was taking a walk and saw what he believed to be a dead cat lying against a wall near a road.  When he reached down to check for signs of life, two little green eyes popped open and she softly meowed, a cry for help. 

He took off his shirt and wrapped her in it, fearing she had been struck by a car and had injuries.  But after getting her to Nevada SPCA, we realized she was just petrified from fear and confusion (she must have just been abandoned before he found her) and she was not injured. 

We named this gorgeous girl Adalyn and she joyfully debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.  She is previously declawed, about 7 years of age, spayed, and affectionate. 

Special thanks to Pet'ographique for capturing her beautiful personality in this portrait.

Tutu, a pearl, a treasure.

Tutu is a tiny, pretty young girl who dreams of being adored and cherished. 

She is cream, black & white Chihuahua, 2 years of age, spayed, good with other dogs, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Tutu needs to know what a loving home feels like.  Here is what the kind woman who rescued Tutu told us: "I found her running in the street and then found her owner.  He said she's a stupid dog and I should have let her get run over." 

Tutu is a wonderful treasure and her gentle spirit will provide enormous love to the person, couple, or family fortunate to adopt her and add her to their family.

I have so much sunshine to share with you.

Hudson glows with kindness and good cheer. 

He is a good-looking Yellow Labrador Retriever, 2 years young, neutered boy, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Hudson was hit by a car and then taken to another shelter, which in turn asked Nevada SPCA for help.  He had road rash wounds and a very sore hip, but he surprisingly did not have broken bones. 

Hudson is now healed and bounds around playfully as if the incident never occurred. 

We love Hudson's resilience and innocence and want to find him a home where he will always remain light-hearted and happy.

You're looking at my soul. Please help me.

Many of our volunteers and staff have welled up with tears just seeing the torment in Lucy's eyes. 

You know that she trusted and unconditionally loved the people who hurt her, and then dumped her, so the world does not make sense and she understandably feels lost. 

We're grateful she is giving humans one more chance.  Lucy so badly wants to believe in people again. 

Some progress is being made and she is flinching less when we reach for her.  Lucy is remarkably gentle, despite all she has endured. 

She is a small Bully mix, about 4 years of age, spayed girl, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.  We rescued her from another shelter. 

Lucy has come so far and we cannot let her down.  Please help Lucy find someone who will love her forever and shield her from evil.

The Piglet Puppies are now ready for adoption!


Baby Simon

Baby Simon and his sisters, Petunia and Vanessa, earned their nicknames because of their appearance at the time of rescue and their multi-color noses.  We lovingly call them "The Piglet Puppies" and they are debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

They are 3 months of age, spayed/neutered, and expected to grow to medium size.  All three are affectionate and very playful and they love hugs.

The Piglet Puppies and their mother were at another shelter.  So sadly, their mother, a Bully mix, was deemed too aggressive there and she was euthanized.  The shelter's staff contacted Nevada SPCA and asked if we could rescue the three babies and put them in loving foster homes.

Barb, their foster mom, has been giving them exceptional care.  But now they are ready for forever homes.

Please consider adopting a pair, or even the trio, for lifelong companionship.  They will need kind guidance and basic training, plus it's critically important to puppy-proof your home and yard for their safety.

Please ask for The Piglet Puppies by name when you visit.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I am not an "Easter bunny".

Jolly Roger is an incredibly cute and engaging young rabbit now ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.  He is a blend of several breeds, including English Spot, and he's just under a year of age, and now neutered.

At the time of rescue this sweet boy was found with a cat or dog collar embedded into his neck. 

Jolly Roger is quiet-natured and suited best for a gentle home environment.  He needs to be indoors-only and you can use baby gates to let him explore rooms while safely keeping him away from electrical cords and other dangers.

Special thanks to Pet'ographique for these remarkable portraits to help Jolly Roger find a loving, forever home.

Jolly Roger needs to be loved each and every Easter.  Please only consider him for adoption if you can make a lifelong commitment to him being a cherished and value member of your family.

Did I do something wrong?

Rambo, who loves children & cats & dogs, is heartbroken that his previous family moved away and decided to leave him behind. 

Being part of the pack means survival, so being cast out is an ultimate, devastating rejection. 

But we tell Rambo that a wonderful, new, forever home will hopefully soon be his. 

Rambo enjoys playing hide-and-seek and he is both playful and gentle with everyone. 

Rambo is a Bully mix, 1-2 years young, neutered boy, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Do you want my love and devotion?

Paxton gives wonderful hugs! 

He loves to share his kindness and his warm personality makes him especially adorable. 

Paxton is a small Boxer & Bully mix, about 2 years of age, neutered boy, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Paxton's unique appearance is due in part to his left-leaning nose and jaw.  (We believe he was born this way and his teeth and jaw function well.) 

Please be sure to ask for Paxton by name when you visit and let him steal your heart while you meet with him in our adoption courtyard.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Is it wrong to want to feel pretty?

What was this tiny, 4-pound angel, at 14 years of age, doing all alone near one of the busiest boulevards in all of Las Vegas with no sign of responsible ownership? 

We named her Buffy and she is a chocolate Chihuahua, spayed girl, good with other calm dogs. 

Buffy loves being pampered!  When you fuss on her and give her tender care she feels reassured that she is safe. 

Derek, a young Weimaraner who witnessed domestic violence.

Derek is a young, loyal Weimaraner with a majestic appearance and he debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

He is 1 year of age, a neutered boy, and reportedly housetrained and crate-trained, and compatible with cats & dogs & mature kids. 

Derek needs a hero though.  His soul is scarred from witnessing the horrors of domestic violence and he is fearful of men who he does not know or trust. 

The look of worry in his eyes is heartbreaking.  But a light-hearted, playful side of Derek will emerge once he is in a stable, gentle home where people treat each other, and him, with dignity and respect and kindness. 

Please help us find Derek that forever home where his faith in humans will be restored.

Monday, March 25, 2013

I am saved! My bright spirit continues to shine.

Lollipop is like an enormous Teddy Bear with a jolly, shining personality and admirable kindness. 

She makes those around her feel calm and at ease, which is a tremendous compliment for anyone. 

Lollipop is a very plump, 110-pound Retriever mix, spayed girl, 7 years of age, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

She is on a weight reduction plan and this needs to safely and gradually continue in her forever home. 

We rescued Lollipop from another shelter just in the nick of time, with only minutes to spare, and she can now continue bringing much-needed joy and devotion into this crazy, chaotic world. 

Please help us find Lollipop a lifelong hero.

The "Wrinkle In Time Puppies" urgently need foster homes please.

Please help us find foster homes for the seven "Wrinkle In Time Puppies" rescued this morning.  If you can help, please visit Nevada SPCA before 4pm and ask for Lara.

Their mother, a Shar Pei mix, was reportedly found in the backyard of a home purchased earlier this year.  Her previous owners had left her behind and she was pregnant.

The new homeowners decided to keep her and agreed to get her spayed once her puppies were born and weaned.

The seven puppies are incredibly cute and affectionate and they have numerous facial wrinkles, just like their mom.  (Their father is unknown.)

They need loving foster care and socialization for approximately 6 weeks until they are spayed/neutered and ready for adoption.

Thank you in advance for helping get out the word to help these innocent babies.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

I may be 10 years old, but I have the innocence of a baby.

Lucy likes to greet new people by gently licking their hand and then sharing her luminous smile. 

She is a Rottweiler, 10 years of age, spayed girl, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.  She is 73 pounds of unconditional love! 

Much of her past is unknown.  Lucy was surrendered to another shelter when her previous owners moved away. 

Will you please help us find Lucy the best of homes so that she never faces rejection again?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Open your heart to me and I will reward you with devotion.

Polly was at another shelter, homeless, with very few teeth left, at 14 years of age. 

She is an 8-pound angel, capable of tremendous unconditional love, and we are grateful we were able to bring her into the safety of Nevada SPCA. 

Polly debuts for adoption today.  She is a Toy Poodle, spayed, good with other dogs, and she needs regular grooming care. 

Let's find her the best home where she feels at peace and knows she is loved and appreciated.

I have a heavenly presence.

Kira is a very gentle soul debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

She is a cute Poodle mix, great with other dogs, about 7 years of age and spayed. 

Kira was at another shelter that asked for our help due to her ear infection and obesity.  Her infection has been treated and we have her on a weight management diet. 

Kira weighs 26 pounds, so table scraps are out of the question, and she needs to gradually and safely reduce weight by sticking to nutritious dog food and taking very short, frequent walks. 

Kira is an angel and we ask for your help in finding her a responsible, stable home where she will get the loving care and attention she needs.

I am offering to be your devoted, lifelong companion.

Rocket Man is fun-loving and spunky and he has an adventurous spirit. 

He is a handsome Jack Russell Terrier, about 8 years of age, neutered boy, ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA. 

Rocket Man loves going for walks and he is a volunteer favorite here at the shelter. 

He gets along fine with most dogs.  He is on a special diet for food allergies. 

Please ask for Rocket Man specifically by name when you visit. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Will you please help me find a new soul-mate?

Golden Max is a sensitive, affectionate, and stunningly handsome puppy now ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA. 

 He is a Retriever & Shepherd mix, 8 months young, neutered, and reportedly housetrained and crate-trained. 

Golden Max seems to have lost his previous home due to his broken heart. He was reportedly very attached to a small dog who passed away a few weeks ago. Golden Max then became very depressed and moody mourning his companion. 

We strongly prefer placing Golden Max in a home with at least one other dog. Golden Max is reportedly compatible with cats too. 

We believe it is best to keep him away from young children until his emotional healing is complete. 

Please help us find him a wonderful, loving, forever home.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Einstein, a Toy Poodle puppy triumphantly debuting for adoption.

Einstein is an angelic baby boy with a kind, playful personality and he debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Einstein is an incredibly cute Toy Poodle puppy, 4 months young, neutered, and good with other sweet dogs. 

Einstein has bounced back from a major injury.  At the time of rescue he was at another shelter and had a prolapsed (protruding) rectum. 

We had surgical repair provided for him at a veterinary hospital and he recovered well.

Einstein needs to remain on a very soft blend of wet & dry food, and please also plan & budget for regular professional grooming of his curly coat.

Thank you for the gift of time and tender loving care.

Bambino loves to crawl in your lap or sit right beside you with his paw on your leg. 

He is an affectionate young Shih-Tzu & Terrier mix, 1 year of age, neutered boy, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Another shelter asked us to rescue Bambino to give him medical care and rehabilitation.  They believed he had been hit by a car. 

His pelvis was broken.  After two months of medical care and foster care, his latest x-ray revealed that his pelvis had healed well. 

Bambino's foster mom gave him a glowing report and said he loves cats & dogs & kids, and he is housetrained.

I don't feel naked. I feel reinvigorated.

Baxter is a gentle giant, an 18-pound lovebug compatible with kids and dogs, and he's great with other cats.  We love his easy-going temperament. 

Baxter is an orange tabby, reportedly 12 years of age, neutered boy, previously declawed, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

His previous owners surrendered him right before they moved and he was in terrible, matted condition.  As you can see, we had to have him shaved to the skin for a fresh start. 

Special thanks to Pet'ographique for capturing his incredibly sweet spirit in this portrait to help him find a responsible, stable, loving, forever home.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

All of a sudden I was dodging cars to stay alive.

Lucinda is a tender-hearted pup debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

With gentle reassurance, building self-esteem in a stable and compassionate home, she will bloom beautifully. 

The world seems like a pretty scary place to Lucinda.  She was rescued near a very busy Las Vegas intersection. 

Lucinda is a dainty, pretty Chihuahua, 10 months of age, now spayed, and good with other calm and sweet dogs. 

Please help us find her a forever home where she can reach her full loving potential.

Nevada SPCA now has one consolidated Facebook account. Please "Like" our page and continue helping the animals.

Please take a moment to "Like" Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Shelter, our consolidated page on Facebook. 

Sharing the rescued animals' pictures and stories has been enormously successful in helping them find loving, forever homes.   

The Facebook account linked above allows Nevada SPCA to have unlimited supporters.

Our original Facebook account, set up a few years ago, was an individual account and limited Nevada SPCA to only 5,000 friends.  When we reached that threshold, we created a second, identical account, but this time as a "Page" called Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Shelter

Until today, we maintained both accounts.  But it has become increasingly evident that the Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Shelter page on Facebook now has more reach and interaction than the original (due to algorithms).  Inactivating the original account and focusing our efforts on the Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Shelter account on Facebook will allow us to post more animals' features and updates, as well as announcements about events and projects.

[Note: When you "Like" the Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Shelter page, you automatically get a friend-type status and receive the daily posts and updates.]

Thank you.  We apologize for the hassle and very much hope that all of you will keep supporting animal rescue, rehabilitation, & adoption with us on Facebook. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

I had lost the will to live.

The liveliness in Casey's eyes is particularly magnificent in light of her near tragedy. 

This valiant young girl -- a medium-size Labrador Retriever mix, 2 years of age, and spayed -- debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

At the time of rescue Casey was at another shelter that asked for our help to rehabilitate her from starvation.  Casey was emaciated and her eyes were dead. 

With veterinary guidance we fed her frequent, small special meals, which she devoured with abandon. 

Volunteers helped keep her spirits up and appetite healthy and her progress continued week-after-week. 

Now up 8 pounds and with renewed zest for life, Casey is ready to make her mark on the world and bless a person, couple, or family with her unconditional devotion.

I'm a baby boy who got a second chance, thanks to you.

Oreo is an angelic puppy triumphantly debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

At the time of rescue he was in critical condition with parvo, a life-threatening disease. 

We had emergency medical care provided to Oreo and after extensive treatment he made a full and complete recovery! 

Oreo is affectionate and enjoys being held.  He is a super cute Chihuahua mix, 3 months of age, neutered, and good with other dogs.

Please puppy-proof your home and yard for his safety and protection.

Special thanks to those who donate to Nevada SPCA and our advanced medical care fund for empowering us to save this baby boy's life.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Animated Puppies debut for adoption today!



Prince Charming

Sisters Cinderella and Jasmine, and their brothers, Aladdin and Prince Charming, are nicknamed "The Animated Puppies" and they debut for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

They have been lovingly raised and socialized with cats and dogs in a foster home since their rescue in January as newborns.  The puppies are now 3 months of age, spayed/neutered, and ready for forever homes.

They are super cute Terrier mixes, expected to remain small in size.

According to their foster mom, the sisters are more affectionate and cuddly, while the brothers are more playful and rambunctious.

Please consider adopting a pair for lifelong love and companionship.

Please puppy-proof your home and yard for their safety.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Clover, a starving German Shorthair Pointer, rescued today and needs prayers.

Update on March 16:

Major developments today with Clover, including the discovery that his condition is not the result of cruelty but the hardening of his small intestine walls from suspected cancer.  Clover is still alive and receiving treatment, and he had positive developments today.  Here's more detail:

We were elated this morning that Clover survived the night.  A young girl brought him a soft unicorn-themed blanket and he enjoyed resting on it throughout the day.

By early afternoon, following continued regular eating and fluids, Clover was very alert and wanting to stand up.  We took him in the courtyard for some sunshine and he began slowly trotting around to explore.

Mid-afternoon, we received a tip that he may be the same missing dog who was receiving treatment from a local veterinary clinic for cancer of the small intestine.  The veterinary clinics shared medical information with each other and determined that Clover was indeed the missing dog. 

We learned that his previous owner had a long history with that veterinary clinic and had been bringing Clover to them frequently for treatments and evaluation.  The clinic strongly assured our veterinarian that the owner was responsible and reputable, working to save Clover, and following their direction with medicine and treatment.  

Clover's previous owner believed he had escaped from the backyard while the family was having maintenance work done at the home.  The owner knew Clover had a microchip, but didn't realize he had to register it (and it was put in many years ago).  We spoke with him at length, both representatives from Nevada SPCA and the hospital treating Clover, to verify the information we were receiving (including reviewing his previous veterinary records) and do all we could to ensure that Clover was going to continue receiving great care.  Clover's owner agreed to let us stay in close touch with his veterinarian and get updates on his condition.

We then reunited Clover and his owner.  Clover cried in joy and jumped up on him.  After a few moments he brought one of his toys, a tennis ball, to his owner's feet, requesting a game of fetch.

In conclusion, 24 hours ago we would never have considered reuniting Clover with his owner.  But we went through this carefully today, step-by-step, and realized that Clover was not the victim of a neglectful starvation.  Continued contact with the veterinarian and owner will help assure that urgent treatment does not end.  Ultimately, we worry about Clover's future most because of the suspected cancer (the blood panel we had done was inconclusive, but an ultra-sound he had earlier this year detected the hardening walls).  Hopefully, we will be able to update you in the weeks or months to come that Clover makes a miraculous breakthrough and returns to full health.


Original Post:

Clover needs good thoughts and prayers please.

We learned about his plight today from an animal rescuer and immediately agreed for him to be rushed to Nevada SPCA for food and fluids.

As you can see, Clover is in an extreme, critical state of starvation.  But the veterinary hospital is doing everything they can to save him.  He is on IV fluids and the vet technician said he was so hungry she cried watching him desperately gobble down his meal.

Clover is a German Shorthair Pointer, about 6 years of age.

Special thanks to Dori and Animal Help Alliance for achieving his rescue.

Best case, Clover's full recovery will take three months.

[Note: We generally don't post pictures of the animals at the time of rescue, instead preferring to highlight their triumphant recoveries.  But we made an exception today because so many people learned of his rescue and have been inquiring about his status.  All of our hearts are going out to this innocent boy who has a strong will to live.] 

The power of touch helps offset my lack of sight.

Midnight Magic delights in falling asleep in your arms and in your lap.  Her soft coat and sugary-sweet personality are perfect for snuggling. 

Midnight Magic is 3 years of age, a spayed girl, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.  She gets along beautifully with other cats. 

At the time of rescue her left eye was severely damaged and could not be saved.  Her vision is impaired in her remaining eye and so it is important to take extra precautions kitty-proofing your home for her safety.

I'm Sweet Sixteen and ready to start a new life.

Please help Lexie find a hero. 

This 16-year-old angel was found abandoned near the racetrack in terribly neglected condition. 

Was she being sacrificed to the coyotes, to the desert elements, or did the monster who put her in harm's way really even care? 

We all know what humans are tragically capable of, so it's most productive for us to focus instead on all of the amazingly kind and compassionate people who lend a hand and offer loving, forever families for animals in need. 

We are blessed to have so many of you on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and Pinterest who share our belief that all life is precious and share the animals' posts to help them get adopted. 

Lexie is a Lhasa Apso mix, spayed girl, good with other dogs, and best with very gentle adults, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pray for the safety of our mommy too, please.

Ivan and Boyde
Ivan and Boyde are darling brothers triumphantly debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

These boys and their sister were found at the scene of a terrible car crash in Henderson.  Their microchips traced back to Nevada SPCA.  We traced the chips and determined that they were in foster care with a foster mom. 

The foster mom was hospitalized with multiple broken bones (and she is continuing to recover).  Ivan and Boyde were in shock from the trauma and their sister, named Winnie, had a severely broken leg.  (She is being treated and will be available for adoption once she is healed and spayed).

But there were two cats, the kittens' mom and sister, missing from the wreckage and everyone feared the worst.  Hours after the accident the tow truck driver found the fourth kitten alive in the tangled metal.  Her name is Katty and she is with us and being treated for a broken hip. 

Unfortunately, the kittens' mom has still not been found.  The very kind employees at Henderson Animal Shelter are still searching and trying to help find her.

Ivan and Boyde, who somehow survived this accident without broken bones, are now recovered from the trauma, neutered, and ready for loving, forever homes.  We strongly prefer adopting them together for lifelong companionship, especially in light of all they have experienced and healed together.

Both boys are playful, loving, and too cute for words.  Please ask for them by name when you visit.

Special thanks to Henderson Animal Shelter and Henderson Animal Control for working with us so wonderfully and for all of the compassion they have expressed to all involved.

Will you please take a look at me?

Valerie was at another shelter, but she is so serene that their visitors tended to overlook her. 

She is a precious jewel and Pet'ographique has captured her beautiful spirit in this portrait. 

Valerie is a Jack Russell Terrier mix, about 6 years of age, spayed girl, and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA. 

Valerie gets along well with other dogs and may do best with a calm lifestyle routine. 

Please ask for her by name when you visit.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Before & After: Sammy, a Briard mix, who is now ready for adoption.

Sammy upon arriving at Nevada SPCA on the day of his rescue.
Sammy today, after his matted coat had to be shaved away.
Before & After: It's hard to believe this is the same dog.  But at the time of rescue, Sammy, a Briard mix, was so matted and knotted that we had to have his coat shaved completely off, to his skin even.

Now, his hair can grow back beautifully and cleanly without painful tangles.

Sammy is a very engaging, good-natured boy and he debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.  He is about 5 years of age, neutered, tail-less, and fine with most dogs.

Sammy was taken to a government-funded shelter when his previous owner died.  But he was running out of time there, perhaps overlooked due to his neglected condition.

Of course, he is safe now, and we ask for your help in finding Sammy a terrific new start in life with a loving, forever home.

Maxwell, a super cute young Yorkshire Terrier debuting for adoption.

Maxwell is an adorable young angel who needs a loving, forever home. 

He is a Yorkshire Terrier, 1 year of age, neutered boy, housetrained, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Maxwell needs regular professional grooming and an experienced owner.  He lost his previous home reportedly due to being "toy aggressive" -- becoming nippy with other dogs around toys.  This behavior can be diminished with reasonable steps, including careful monitoring of play-time that involves toys, but takes time and patience. 

Maxwell adores people and needs kind guidance to reach his full loving potential.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I thought I was their baby too.

Milo is very docile and gentle.  He is so confused by why he lost his home when his previous owners had a baby.  He thought he was their baby too. 

Volunteers and staff are showering him with attention, which he craves, telling him that he'll soon be in a wonderful new home. 

Milo is a good-looking Cocker Spaniel, 10 years of age, neutered boy, good with other dogs, housetrained, crate-trained, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

I'm cute without even trying!

Petunia is a comical baby girl debuting for adoption today at 1pm at Nevada SPCA. 

We love her light-hearted spirit and hope she never loses her innocence. 

Petunia is an adorable blend of many breeds, perhaps including Chinese Crested Powder Puff, almost 4 months of age, spayed, and good with other dogs.  She likes to play ball and needs regular professional grooming. 

Please be sure to puppy-proof your home and yard for her safety. 

Petunia needed us due to her previous owner's financial hardship.

Monday, March 11, 2013

They say my imperfection is just perfect for me.

We think Joanie's lopsided grin (a birth defect) helps express her very fun-loving nature.

This beautiful young girl has so much joy and she wants everyone around her to be happy too.  Joanie wags her tail in circle O's and you can't help but smile at the uniqueness of this wonderful girl.

Joanie is a medium-size Boxer & Bully mix, 2 years of age, spayed, and available for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

She loves to play and be at your side, and she may be fine with some dogs.

Special thanks to Pet'ographique for showcasing Joanie in this cute portrait to help her find a loving, forever home.

At first you'll love my spots, then you'll love my personality.

Winnafred is a well-socialized, affectionate girl who loves to catnap at your side. 

She is 2 years young, spayed, compatible with cats & dogs & kids, and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA. 

Some of us believe she is a California Spangled mix, while some of us think she is a Bengal mix, but that's not really important and we just wanted to be able to describe her stunning spots with gold tinting. 

Special thanks to Pet'ographique for these beautiful portraits to help Winnafred find a loving, forever, indoor-only home.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Won't you be my hero?

Allison cannot see you, but she yearns to make a connection and understand you. 

We love her serenity and affectionate nature.  Allison adores people and she gets along well with dogs too. 

She is a petite, lovely Chihuahua, about 6-8 years of age, spayed girl, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

She is completely blind in both eyes, so please take extra special precautions to puppy-proof your home and yard for her safety. 

We rescued Allison from another shelter.

Bundle us up and take us home, please.

These two petite, older boys cannot understand why no one has adopted them yet.  Zorro & Bagel are good with cats and dogs, and housetrained, with engaging personalities and a very strong lifelong bond.

Zorro & Bagel are both 10 years of age, Chihuahuas, neutered boys, available for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

Special thanks to Pet'ographique for spotlighting them so adorably in this brand new portrait.

We are babies, but we think we have the world figured out.

Magee & McFee are athletic, fun baby boys who enjoy chasing laser lights and playing hide-and-seek. 

They are cute shorthair kittens, 3 months of age, now neutered and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Since their rescue as newborns they have been lovingly raised and socialized in a foster home. 

The brothers are curious about everything and get along well with other cats.  Please kitten-proof your home for their safety.

We look just like our beautiful mommy.

Cindy and Mindy

These baby angels, named Cindy and Mindy, and their Mama, all debut for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Mama was pregnant when we rescued her from another shelter and placed her in a loving foster home.  One day later, she gave birth. 

Mama is housetrained, good with cats and dogs, gentle and polite, a small Toy & Terrier mix, 3 years of age, and now spayed. 

Cindy and Mindy are now spayed too and 3 months of age.  The puppies are playful and very affectionate. 

Our dream is to have all three of these sweethearts adopted into loving, forever homes today.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Staying with my soul-mate means the world to me.

Jolly & Hallie are ready to bring you smiles and unconditional love for life. 

This strongly-bonded pair of soul-mates debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.  Jolly is a Border Collie mix, boy, about 10 years of age.  Hallie is a medium-size Labrador Retriever mix, girl, about 5 years of age. 

They are reportedly housetrained and good with kids. 

We rescued Jolly & Hallie from another shelter so they could remain together forever.