Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shadow should have been named Sunshine!

Fun-loving and jubilant, Shadow glows with kindness and good cheer. 

He is a sunny blend of Golden Retriever & Yellow Labrador Retriever, just one year of age, neutered, full of love for people and dogs, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

We rescued Shadow from another shelter.  He was surrendered there with a severe eye infection and entropia.  We treated his eye and had his entropia repaired at a veterinary clinic, and he has made a beautiful recovery.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sebastian has a calming influence.

Sebastian is blessed with a great gift -- he has a calming effect on people and other cats. 

Lovable and mellow, he is a big bundle of sunlight, and he is ready to join a loving, forever home. 

Sebastian is a cream tabby with gorgeous eyes, neutered, about 4 years of age.  Please ask for him by name at Nevada SPCA. 

We rescued Sebastian from another shelter.

Guinness, a radiant German Shepherd who needs a hero.

Guinness should hold a world record for most luminous, delightful personality! He radiates warmth and kindess and dazzles with his smile and bright eyes.

Guinness is a handsome German Shepherd, neutered boy, 8 years of age, housetrained, crate-trained, good with cats and older kids, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

He enjoys playing with soccer and tennis balls.

He needed us when his previous owner was evicted.

Guinness has special needs -- he was diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disease -- and eagerly awaits a hero to adopt him.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Rebel, sweetheart Bull Terrier for adoption.

Rebel is a handsome Bull Terrier with a gentle heart and he yearns to feel loved and safe.  He cannot understand why he became homeless when he did nothing wrong. 

Rebel is reportedly housetrained and crate-trained, loves to play with tennis balls, and enjoys cuddling. 

He is 4 years of age, neutered, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Rebel is very shy and insecure with new people, so an experienced home is needed, where he is the only pet in the home (though he reportedly may tolerate some large female dogs).

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dymin, a petite and young Maltese who wants to be the center of your world.

Dymin needed us when one of her owners passed away and the other became too ill to care for her any further.

Dymin is a gorgeous Maltese, very affectionate and loving (with adults), spayed, housetrained, about 3 years of age.

Her previous owner admitted to spoiling her on an extreme level, perhaps causing some eccentricities and behavior issues.  For example, Dymin won't eat her kibble unless you mix in warm water to soften it up.  (She has a special diet for food allergies.)  Also, she won't tolerate kids or large dogs.  Apparently, she was previously attacked by a large dog, so if she sees a large dog she tries for a preemptive attack first.

Dymin loves to be in your lap and she is used to nearly constant attention.  We believe she will do best in a home where her guardian(s) are home most of the time, and willing and able to devote lots of adoration to her.  Please also plan and budget for regular professional grooming care.

Why did they mess with perfection?

Wisteria was naturally perfect, the way God intended her, yet someone dyed her ears and tail purple. It's a real shame because it will take months for the dye to come out. 

Worse, her previous owner was breeding her for puppies and she was found with no sign of responsible ownership (no tags or microchip ID). 

Wisteria deserves better, and with your help we'll find her an amazing home. 

Wisteria is a Maltese & Shih-Tzu mix, spayed girl, about 4 years of age, good with dogs, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Booster, a White German Shepherd for adoption.

Booster is a majestic, good-natured, handsome older boy with a very pleasant personality.

He is a White German Shepherd, neutered boy, about 9 years of age, housetrained, and fine with most dogs.  German Shepherd knowledge is strongly preferred for his adoption.

Booster needed us when his previous owner passed away.

Please help us find someone to adopt and cherish this wonderful boy.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Poppy, a rescued Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog for adoption.

Poppy is gorgeous, shy, and intelligent, and she likes to play fetch. 

Her previous owner insisted she is a rare breed -- an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog -- and bred her for puppies. 

Now with us, and spayed, she will be a loving companion and family member, not a breeding machine. 

Poppy is about 18 months young and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

She is reportedly housetrained, crate-trained, and good with cats and dogs, but intolerant of young kids. 

Chi Chi, as cute as a baby fox.

Chi Chi has stolen our hearts!  She is dazzlingly sweet, playful, and engaging, with a light-hearted personality. 

She is a petite, beautiful Shiba Inu, just 1 year of age, spayed, crate-trained, good with dogs and older kids, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Chi Chi needed us when her previous owner moved out of the country.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Judy & Elroy, baby angels for adoption.

Judy & Elroy are baby angels debuting for adoption tomorrow (Saturday) at 11am at Nevada SPCA. 

Since their rescue at just a few weeks of age, they have been raised and socialized with their foster mom, Melody, and this spectacular portrait courtesy of Pet'ographique included the kittens helping honor Melody's birthday. 

Judy & Elroy are now spayed/neutered and 4 months of age and ready to find forever homes.  Judy purrs constantly and likes feather toys.  Elroy is a great athlete and delights in chasing the laser light. 

Please help us find a magnificent, indoor-only home for Judy & Elroy.

Tomas, a radiant, golden boy for adoption.

Tomas is a lustrous boy who glows with kindness and goodwill.

He is a very attractive blend of Golden Retriever & Chow Chow and he is neutered and about 4 years of age.  Tomas is reportedly housetrained (with a doggie door) and good with dogs and mature kids.

Though shy with strangers, Tomas is warm-hearted with those he knows and trusts.

He needed us when his previous owners lost the family home to foreclosure.

Please come meet Tomas!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hollywood can be yours!

"Spoil me rotten!" 

Hollywood would love to become your very own little superstar and he has the personality and charm to light up your life.  He loves sitting in your lap. 

Hollywood is a handsome Chihuahua, still a puppy at 11 months of age, neutered, housetrained, good with cats and dogs, and ready for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Special thanks to Pet'ographique for this glamorous, fun portrait of Hollywood to help him find a loving, forever home.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A most beautiful Flower!

Flower is a festive, precious youngster debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA .

Flower is a Yorkshire Terrier mix, 3 years of age, spayed, housetrained, crate-trained, good with other dogs, and she needs regular professional grooming care.

Flower lost her home because her previous owner said she had "too many dogs".

Poochie, a very sunny Pomeranian for adoption.

Poochie is a vibrant, jolly Pomeranian debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

He is good with other dogs, about 4 years of age, neutered, and sporting a beautiful coat. 

We rescued Poochie from another shelter, so his background is mostly unknown.  He has limited vision in his left eye, which is crossed, presumably the result of an old injury or birth defect.

Please plan and budget for regular professional grooming care.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Please let me always be with my mommy.

Priscilla and Rutherford are mother and son, affable and enthusiastic bunnies who need a loving, forever home together. 

They were rescued from a box, abandoned in some shrubbery in a schoolyard. 

Both are now spayed/neutered and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA in the Lovebugs Room. Priscilla is the black-and-white English Spot mix, under 2 years of age. Her son, Rutherford, has a rich orange color and he is about 7 months of age. 

Please visit and ask for them by name. 

This beautiful portrait is courtesy of the compassionate people at Pet'ographique.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Expect no dull moments with Samurai Jack!

Samurai Jack is full of character!  He's tiny, but strong-willed. 

Samurai Jack is a Longhair Chihuahua, housetrained, crate-trained, great with dogs, neutered, about 7 years of age, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

His previous owner said he likes to sing along to opera and never say the word "McDonalds" in front of him unless a drive-thru is nearby or you are likely to face a temper tantrum. 

Samurai Jack needs an adult-home where his eccentricities will be tolerated and cherished.

He needed us when his previous owner lost the family home to foreclosure.

Rocky, an affectionate Siamese cat who needs a hero.

Please help us find a hero for Rocky.  He is a cuddly, chatty, engaging youngster who will fill your heart and home with unconditional love and devotion. 

Rocky is a handsome Siamese, neutered, 2 years of age, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

At the time of rescue Rocky was very ill and suffering from severe eye infections.  His veterinarian was able to save his life, but despite all best efforts, his eyes could not be saved. 

Rocky is adjusting beautifully and delights in life's most important pleasures -- getting & receiving affection, feeling safe and loved, and being comfortable. 

Please be sure to ask for Rocky by name when you visit.  

This wonderful portrait is courtesy of Pet'ographique.

Jaguar lost his home why??

Jaguar is an enchanting, sweet, lovable young Pug debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Unbelievably, he was rejected by his previous owner for "masturbating". And instead of getting him neutered, he was surrendered to us. 

Jaguar deserves better, certainly. We had him neutered and we want to find a loving, forever home for him, ideally with an owner who has knowledge about Pugs. 

Jaguar is 3 years of age and good with other dogs.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fred & Max

Max and Fred
We rescued these two heavenly boys from another shelter.  Fred and Max are both regal, radiant German Shepherds, neutered, about 8 years of age.  They had landed in a government-funded shelter when their previous owners reportedly lost the family home to foreclosure.

Both boys are now safe.  Fred is debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.  Because they adore each other so much, we wanted to keep them together forever.  But Max has a torn ACL and we are having advanced medical care provided to save his leg, courtesy of a wonderful and very generous donor.

Perhaps the boys will be reunited again when Max has made a full recovery from his surgery.  We will urge whoever adopts Fred to try and keep an open mind on this.

Mac, an angelic, snow-white kitten for adoption.

Mac is a baby boy who loves people and cats. 

But his previous owner said that the family's other cat was too rough on Mac and would not accept him. 

Mac is a very playful snow-white kitten, about 8 months of age, neutered, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.  The small scar on the left side of his nose is presumably from a cat tussle or other minor injury. 

Please visit and ask for Mac by name in our free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Kierra, a gorgeous Bengal for adoption.

Kierra would love to become your very own little diva. 

Like many Bengals, she is high-maintenance in terms of being needy and chatty, but her gentle and affectionate nature is beyond question. 

Kierra is a gorgeous Bengal, about 5 years of age, spayed, debuting for adoption at Nevada SPCA. 
Please be sure to ask for Kierra by name when you visit. 

She needed us when her previous owners had a baby and thought she was jealous of the baby.

Tasha feels on top of the world!

Tasha is a bubbly, comical young lady with the most wonderful, expressive ears! 

She is a delightful Poodle, just one year of age, spayed, good with dogs, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Please keep her always professional groomed.  Tasha had been the victim of neglect, but now that she is groomed and feeling pretty, she feels on top of the world!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Melody's amazing recovery & survival from an attempted beheading.

We are so proud of this baby girl, who we named Melody, and the foster mom who heroically helped save her.   

Melody delights in crawling up on your chest and nuzzling your face gently.  She is a sleek shorthair, now 5 months of age, spayed, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.   

At the time of rescue, we thought someone had tried to behead her, as she had an enormous open wound around her entire neck.  She had a tight rubber band around her neck -- cruelty her veterinarian said was one of the worst he had ever seen. 

After we had the rubber band carefully and entirely removed at a veterinary hospital, Marcia, who was Melody’s foster mom, kept warm compresses on her neck and cleaned the wound twice daily.  Now, the blue stitches you see in the picture are Melody’s stitches from having the wound closed up.  She is healing beautifully and ready for a bright, loving future with someone who will cherish her every day and keep her safe.

Marcia and the other foster parents are heroes for animals.  They volunteer their time and talents to help those most in need, like Melody, and give them the tender loving care they need to be saved and to restore their faith in humans.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Kane is a handsome young German Shepherd with unconditional devotion.

Kane is a loyal, intelligent, noble young boy who needs a new owner knowledgeable about German Shepherds. 

He is just 3 years of age, neutered, housetrained, crate-trained, and reportedly fine with some dogs and older kids, and he debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Kane's previous owner died and he reportedly was then taken by a neighbor, but then surrendered to us because he is "too big". 

Kane likes to play with plastic bottles (without lids) and he is reportedly protective against strangers, so an experienced home is required. 

Please help us find Kane a lifelong, loving home.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chris is blessed with irresistible charm.

It only takes one look at Chris to see that he is full of character!

A gentle giant, he rolls over for belly rubs and leans his head up into your hand for petting.

Chris is an orange & white shorthair, 2 years young, now neutered, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

At the time of rescue he was covered in tar on his face, back, feet, and tail, and had gotten sick trying to lick it off.

Chris made a full recovery and he is now ready to join a loving, forever home where he will live always safely indoors.

Adopt your very own Sherlock Holmes!

Jack loves to investigate, and he would love to become your very own Sherlock Holmes, exploring throughout your house (using baby gates to keep him away from electrical cords). 

Jack is an adorable, petite English Spot mix bunny, neutered, 18 months young, ready for adoption today in Nevada SPCA's Lovebugs Room. 

Special thanks to Pet'ographique for capturing Jack's personality in this brand new portrait.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Please help us find Dynasty a hero.

Dynasty is at most peace lying back in your arms, cuddling, soaking up reassurance and goodwill. 

The victim of long-term neglect, his starvation for attention is understandable. 

Dynasty is adjusting to life with one eye (as his left eye could not be saved). 

He is a gentle Chihuahua, young at heart at about 9-10 years of age, neutered, great with dogs and people. 

Please help us find Dynasty a hero.

Emma, super sweet Labrador Retriever puppy.

Emma is an exceptionally sweet and flirty baby girl who melts our hearts with her facial expressions. 

She is a Labrador Retriever puppy, spayed, 7 months of age, great with other dogs, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Emma needed us because one of her previous owners was highly allergic to her.

Please puppy-proof your home and yard for her safety and protection.