Monday, January 30, 2012

Will you please keep me safe my entire natural life?

Spongebob is a baby rooster who loves everyone -- adults, kids, birds, pigs, dogs -- and he already has the confidence and self-esteem of a lion. 

Last week schoolchildren on a tour of Nevada SPCA enjoyed petting him and feeding him seeds. 

Spongebob needs a forever home where he will be safe, appreciated, and part of a social family.  Please ask for him by name at Nevada SPCA.

He needed us when his previous owner did not want him or his baby sisters anymore.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sammie Lee, the expert cuddler.

Sammie Lee is a junior kitten who loves to cuddle, both with people and other cats. 

He is a handsome brown tabby with white, about 8 months of age, neutered, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Please kitten-proof your home for Sammie Lee's safety and protection.

At the time of rescue he had been thrown away into someone's backyard.

Friday, January 27, 2012

John Wayne's life was saved by Chihuahuas.

John Wayne could hardly be any cuter.  He is a sweet, young calico guinea pig, about 18 months of age, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Please ask for John Wayne by name in our Lovebugs Room. 

He had apparently been abandoned outdoors and crawled into a backyard where a man noticed his Chihuahuas circling and wrangling him.  The dogs did not hurt him, and instead effectively saved his life, as he stood no chance of survival outdoors alone.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

James and Majesty, angelic babies debuting for adoption.


These precious babies, brother James and sister Majesty, are tiny angels, both with loving and gentle natures.

They are Chihuahuas, now 3 months of age, spayed/neutered, and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

We rescued their mother Lullaby, pictured below.  She was in labor and a deformed puppy inside of her had blocked her from giving birth.  Lullaby's previous owner was unable to provide medical care to save her life.

We rushed Lullaby into a veterinary hospital for an emergency C-section.  The veterinarians were able to save mom (Lullaby) and two of her babies, who we named James and Majesty.

Lullaby has since been spayed and adopted into a loving home.  Now its her puppies' turn to find owners who will cherish and adore them every day for the rest of their lives.

Lullaby, mother of James and Majesty

All I ask is to be loved and appreciated.

Sabrina is a beautiful jewel and her gentle spirit has been captured wonderfully in this brand new portrait courtesy of Pet'ographique ( 

Sabrina only wants to be loved and to have peace-of-mind, so a calm and affectionate home environment is ideal for her. 

She is a lovely shorthair with crisp blue eyes, about 7 years of age, spayed, fine with other respectful cats, and awaiting adoption at Nevada SPCA.

She did nothing wrong to become homeless.  Instead, her previous owner moved into an apartment that does not allow cats.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Every day is like a picnic.

For Dawn, a cheery and light-hearted girl, life is like a picnic. 

Pet'ographique captured her personality beautifully in this brand new portrait to help Dawn find a loving, forever home. 

She is a Peke-A-Poo (Pekingese & Poodle), about 5 years of age, spayed, housetrained, crate-trained, good with dogs and older kids, and ready for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Dawn's previous owner said she just could no longer take care of her.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lady MacBeth's triumphant survival and recovery.

Lady MacBeth relishes being pampered and reassured. 

Loving attention now for her is in stark contrast to what she has endured. At the time of rescue her right eye was terribly maimed, her left ear had collapsed, many of her teeth were missing, and she had been declawed. 

Lady MacBeth though is a survivor, and she is recovering well. Her right eye could not be saved and her left ear will not return to normal shape. But her spirits are brightening and we want her to have a lifetime of great love and comfort. 

Lady MacBeth is a Himalayan cat, about 9 years of age, spayed, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

Jazzy's dark days are over and he is ready for a loving, bright future.

Jazzy sparkles with joy and dazzles us with his amazing smile.  We love his sunny personality. 

He is a Yellow Labrador Retriever mix, about 7 years of age, neutered, great with dogs and people, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

He is recovering beautifully from a horrific past.  He was one of the two dogs living in deplorable conditions at an abandoned home who had been the victim of tazering, as featured on 8 News Now TV on January 12th.  He was transferred to us from another shelter to address his medical needs (and the other dog was also transferred to a reputable rescue group). 

Jazzy is ready to experience what a loving home feels like!

Brutus - young Standard Poodle debuting for adoption.

Brutus is a very handsome, young Standard Poodle debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

He is sensitive, and shy with new people, but loving and warm-hearted with those he knows and trusts. 

A gentle home with someone knowledgeable about Standard Poodles is ideal. 

Brutus is 1 year of age, housetrained and crate-trained, neutered, fine with some dogs, and he needs regular professional grooming care. 

Please ask for Brutus by name when you visit.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Aloha Puppies debut for adoption today!





Rescued when they were just a couple of weeks old and in great need, we placed them in a loving home environment with a foster mom.  Heroically, she nurtured and socialized these five baby boys to good physical and emotional well-being.

Nicknamed "The Aloha Puppies" due to their Hawaiian names, these brothers are playful and loving and enjoy squeaky toys and cuddling together in doggie beds.

They are unique Heinz 57s, perhaps with Chihuahua and Terrier, expected to remain small (or grow to medium size at most).  They are now 3 months of age, neutered, and ready for adoption.

Please consider adopting a pair for lifelong love and companionship.

I have unconditonal devotion for you.

Dee Dee would love to be your personal assistant, helping you around the house as much as she can, always being near and loyal.

She is a beautiful shorthair with a calico tail, previously declawed, spayed, about 5 years of age, and ready for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.

We rescued Dee Dee from another shelter.

This wonderful portrait is courtesy of Pet'ographique to help Dee Dee find a loving, forever home.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bisco deserved better!

A veterinarian witnessed someone throwing this gorgeous boy out of a car behind a veterinary clinic. 

Fortunately, he was not injured, and he joined us at Nevada SPCA to find someone who will love and cherish him, and never discard him again. 

We named him Bisco and he is a Lynx Point Siamese with crossed blue eyes, and he is now about 18 months young and neutered. 

Bisco prefers to be the only cat, so please be sure to ask for Bisco by name when you visit.

Thor's triumphant recovery!

Thor would like nothing more than to shower your face with puppy kisses! 

Like Noel posted yesterday, we rescued him shortly before Christmas to save him from the deadly parvo virus when his previous owner could not afford medical care.  Using holiday donations, we had extensive medical care provided for Thor and he made a full recovery. 

Thor valiantly debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.  He is a Chihuahua puppy, neutered boy, 5 months of age, super sweet and affectionate. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Noel's Christmas Miracle.

Noel needed a Christmas miracle. 

It was just a handful of days before Christmas and she was very sick with the deadly parvo virus.  Her previous owner could not afford any medical care for her and surrendered her to us so we could try to save her life. 

We rushed Noel into a veterinary hospital, and after extensive treatment, she triumphantly made a full recovery. 

Today is the day this baby angel has been waiting for -- her debut for adoption at Nevada SPCA. 

Noel is a Chihuahua puppy, now 9 months of age, spayed, and blessed with a gentle and loving spirit.

Sabie, a petite young Siamese awaiting a loving, forever home.

We love Pet'ographique's brand new portrait of Sabie, capturing her docile nature and gorgeous blue eyes.

Sabie is a young Siamese, compatible with cats & dogs & older kids, spayed, about 18 months of age, and ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

She needed us when her previous owners moved away and did not take her with them.

Please ask for Sabie by name in the free-roaming Cat Condo playrooms.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Twinkie, a tiny Yorkie for adoption.

Twinkie is the tiniest of dogs -- only 3 pounds! -- but he has enormous unconditional love to share with you. 

He is a super cute, super sweet Yorkshire Terrier, neutered boy, 10 years of age, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Another shelter asked us to rescue Twinkie because of his dental needs.  We had his teeth cleaned and he is now ready for a forever home. 

An experienced home is required for his safety due to his exceptionally small size.

Leo's beautiful emotional recovery!

Leo's more light-hearted nature is celebrated in this brand new portrait from Pet'ographique

We are so proud of this little guy for trusting us and becoming more affectionate, despite a past full of cruelty and neglect.  Volunteers and staff have been helping him recover emotionally for months, and now he is triumphantly ready for adoption at Nevada SPCA.

Leo is a handsome Chihuahua, neutered boy, about 5 years of age, and he gets along beautifully with other dogs.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Celine's heartbreaking story will have a happy ending.

Celine relishes being cradled and reassured. 

She is 12 years of age, a very gentle calico, and her world turned upside down when her previous owners abandoned their foreclosed home and left her behind in the neighborhood to fend for herself.  At the time of rescue she had returned to the home, entered through the doggie door, and was attacked by two dogs (owned by the home's new owners).  She is recovering well from the wounds, including a large cut under her left eye, but her heart is shattered and we are in overdrive consoling her out of severe depression. 

Celine debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA and she has enormous devotion to offer you.  Please be her hero and always keep her safely indoors, loved and cherished.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Alvin and Theodore -- baby brothers for adoption.


Alvin and Theodore are adorable kittens debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Of the two, Alvin is the more outgoing and chatty, while Theodore is more relaxed and affectionate.

They are good-looking tabbies with white boots, neutered, about 7 months of age.  Their previous owner said he could not afford them.

Please kitten-proof your home for their safety and protection.  Please consider adopting them together, but they can be adopted separately.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Donald Duck for adoption.

Donald was devoted to his previous owners, and he is understandably distraught to lose them (when they moved and did not take him). 

But Donald is warming to us a bit more each day and he is ready to join a new family where he will never have to worry about being homeless again. 

Donald is a handsome duck and he needs people to survive, as he cannot fly (his wings are clipped) and relies on people for companionship and food. 

If you are knowledgeable about ducks and would like to meet Donald and consider adopting him, please ask for him by name at Nevada SPCA.

Scooter, an Italian Greyhound mix pup for adoption.

Scooter is a snuggly pup with a gentle temperament. 

He is a very good-looking Italian Greyhound mix, just 10 months of age, neutered, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Scooter gets along very well with other dogs and Italian Greyhound knowledge is preferred for his adoption. 

Another shelter which ran out of space asked us to take him and several others, which we were happy to do.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snow Leopards -- Kaos and Willow.


These two gorgeous youngsters, brother and sister, needed us because their previous owner was allergic to them.

Kaos and Willow are silver tabby Maine Coon cats, just one year of age, spayed/neutered, with loving and gentle personalities.

Please plan on regular brushing and grooming care.  And, like all cats, they an indoor-only home for their safety and protection.

Kaos and Willow can be adopted separately, but please consider adopting them together for lifelong companionship.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Mickey is young at heart.

"Adopt me and I am ready to celebrate!"

Mickey would love to start the New Year off with a loving home. But at 13 years of age, he keeps getting overlooked by people looking for puppies and younger dogs.

Mickey has a lot to offer though, in addition to a world full of unconditional love. He is great with other dogs, housetrained, sweet and dignified.

Pet'ographique took this fun portrait to help Mickey attract new attention.

Mickey lost his previous family last year when they moved out of the country.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Elroy's Triumph!

"My suitcase is packed and I am very ready for a forever home!" 

This amazing portrait from Pet'ographique is really a celebration of Elroy's triumph over abuse.  At the time of rescue he was a wounded soul, nipping at people for getting close to him. 

Now, Elroy leaps into your arms with his dazzling smile and gives you doggie kisses.  Staff and volunteers, over many months, helped him realize that people can be worth loving and trusting. 

Elroy is a sunny Chihuahua, about 4 years of age, neutered, and awaiting adoption at Nevada SPCA.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pumpkin's Babies.



Angel, Charlie, and Rascal are gentle kittens with endearing personalities. 

They are the babies of Pumpkin, a young mom, who is also available for adoption (posted previously).  The trio are about 4 months of age, spayed/neutered, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.  Please ask for them by name.

Belinda, an athletic kitten debuting for adoption today.

Belinda is a spunky, darling baby girl who has been lovingly raised and socialized in a foster home.  At the time of rescue she was just weeks old and motherless, in desperate need of a surrogate mom to give her nurturing care. 

Belinda is now 3 months of age, spayed, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

The world is one giant jungle gym to Belinda and she is a terrific jumper, but please be sure to keep her always safely indoors for her safety and protection.  She would love a big cat tree!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Boost needs help reaching his full loving potential.

Boost has the most dazzling smile and he possesses tremendous loving potential. 

He is a sporty pup, a Yellow Labrador Retriever mix, 11 months of age, neutered, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Boost needs more socialization to develop into a well-adjusted, well-balanced adult.  His progress here will need to continue in his new home with an experienced, patient owner.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Lilly and Darla, playful young ferrets.

As playful as these young girls are, they are gentle in your hands and delight in having attention from people. 

Lilly & Darla are ferrets, 2 years of age, spayed, and strongly bonded to the point where they need to remain together forever, for lifelong love and companionship.  Lilly is a light sable and Darla is a dark sable. 

Please ask for the girls by name when you visit Nevada SPCA. 

Grace Kelly is ready for adoption today.

Grace Kelly is an elegant, dainty girl with mousy good looks and a very calm, loving nature. 

She is beautiful light grey & brown tabby, spayed, about 10 years of age, debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA. 

Please adopt her and treasure her.  Like all cats, Grace Kelly needs an indoor-only home for her safety and protection.


Tank is 6 pounds of unconditional love! 

He is a tiny, but plump, huggable boy who is full of character. 

Tank is a Chihuahua, about 6 years of age, neutered, and debuting for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.  He likes being held and he gets along beautifully with other dogs. 

Another shelter that was running out of space asked us to rescue him.