Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Lance & Burton, rescued baby kits.

Lance & Burton

Lance & Burton, rescued newborn rabbits, are thriving in tender foster care. They were discovered in the nick of time by a construction crew digging up earth. Their mother had scampered away and their home was destroyed, so the crew brought the babies to us for lifesaving, surrogate parent care.

Based on escalating trends during the past seven years, Nevada SPCA is preparing for an estimated record 5,000 motherless newborns and homeless pregnant animals this spring and summer! Generous donors are matching/doubling all online donations to Nevada SPCA through midnight on March 23, coinciding with Nevada's Big Give (an online giving event celebrating Nevada's vital charitable organizations).

Every $5 donation empowers Nevada SPCA to buy puppy or kitten formula, plus a nursing kit. If you would like to contribute, donating is very easy and deeply appreciated. Link: