Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Buttercup -- Before & After.



Buttercup's rescue & recovery:

This docile boy, 13 years of age and 24 pounds in weight, was suffering from some of the most severe matting on a feline that we have seen in years. His previous owners not only let him roam the neighborhood, but then left him behind when they moved away.

Buttercup knew his caretakers wanted to help him and he held still and let them shave away years of accumulated knots and giants matted folds. Under all of this, his skin was in poor, flaky condition. With premium food and special skin oils, Buttercup's skin is improving significantly every day.

Buttercup loves being held in gentle arms or cuddling up in cozy cat beds. He is great with other sweet cats. 
Please share his post to help him finally know and experience what a loving and responsible home feels like, at long, long last.