Saturday, August 27, 2016

Update on Liza

Liza, July 2

Liza, mid-July

Liza, August 27
Wonderful update on Liza, the newborn kitten rescued from the storm drain!

You may remember in early July, after a rainstorm, how a dog on a walk discovered Liza holding on to a storm drain. She was extremely fragile from poor health and eye infections. Her foster mom, Sonja, bottle-fed her every few hours, day and night, and Liza always helped her by holding the bottle too with her front paws.

Liza is now 8 weeks of age and eating on her own. She is blind in her right eye, but she has partial vision in her left eye. Sonja says that "fearless" is an understatement in describing the baby. Liza leaps out of her crate for hugs, as if she can fly, jumping into Sonja's arms.

Sonja will foster Liza for several more weeks. She will be ready for adoption this autumn at Nevada SPCA ( once she has been spayed.