Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is there someone out there who will love me dearly?

Update: Kerry was adopted on October 30th!

There are many attractive things, physically and emotionally, about Kerry.

But we are especially drawn to his big, brown eyes, which hint at wisdom, as well as his anxiety about his future.

We were contacted by another shelter and asked to take him due to his older age (he is about 9 years) and his need for a special adoption due to his low thyroid condition.  And we were happy to rescue him.

Kerry takes a daily medication called thyroxine for his condition, and he will need to continue this medication for the rest of his years.  We will send you home with a generous supply, but you will need to get refills for him through your own veterinarian before the end of the year.

Kerry is good with other calm, sweet dogs and he needs regular grooming care.

Kerry debuts for adoption today at Nevada SPCA.  Please ask for this endearing, humble little boy by name.