Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I would love to be your lifelong prince.

Update: Nanook was adopted on October 28th!

Nanook carries himself regally, and he is indeed a noble, good-natured, friendly, and very handsome boy.

He is also well-behaved, compatible with dogs (his size) and kind children, plus reportedly housetrained too.

Nanook is a Siberian Husky, neutered, 5 years of age, blue-eyed on his left and brown-eyed with a blue sunburst on his right.

He needed us when his previous family moved into an apartment that does not allow big dogs.

[Note: If you are in a similar situation and must move from a house to an apartment, please know there are many apartment complexes, struggling too, that now accept pets of all sizes, sometimes for a slightly higher rent or larger security deposit, so that you can keep your family together through this economic crisis.]

Nanook debuts for adoption today.  Please ask for him by name, and ideally, be knowledgeable about the Siberian Husky breed.