Thursday, October 7, 2010

Adopt me for a lifetime of love and entertainment.

Update: Hope was adopted on December 19th!

This gorgeous little girl was following one of our staff on a recent evening on the walking trails in Henderson.

It was clear she had an inquisitive, adventurous nature, as if a young kitten, but she was in danger of being struck by a bike or vehicle.

We traced her microchip ID, learned her name is Hope, and contacted her registered owner.

But her previous owner said that Hope was so difficult to keep indoors that she decided to not reclaim her, instead releasing Hope to us to find a new home.

Hope is spayed, one year young, and full of beautiful charm.  Unquestionably, she can be converted to an indoor-only lifestyle for her safety and protection.  This is imperative, as the dangers outdoors are only too real and could lead to violent death, from vehicles or coyotes, disease or pranksters, etc.

Our staff can share tips with you on ensuring that your indoor-only cats have the stimulation they need.  Simple, inexpensive steps include providing window perches for sun-soaking catnaps, daily periods of playtime at dusk (with tunnels or string toys), cat furniture for scratching and climbing, and more.

Hope is compatible with kind dogs, and enjoys people, but she is less thrilled about other cats, unless they give her space and respect.

Hope eagerly awaits her forever home, so please visit and ask for her by name at our headquarters.